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Color Trading is a site for fans of sports and sports betting. We aim to provide expert analysis, reviews and previews of top sports events for our readers. We also attempt to provide information for our readers that will help with betting on the sports we cover. That can also include information about betting sites that can be used to that end.

But Color Trading is not a betting site itself – and we do not operate or offer gambling services. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information supplied by these betting companies. If our readers notice any inaccuracies, we would urge them to contact us so we can rectify any mistakes.

Color Trading would also like our readers to acknowledge that they are aware of the risks when it comes to sports betting and that we are not responsible for their decisions and actions. Also, if they gamble on any site that we link to, they have left Color Trading and we cannot be responsible for any losses. All Color Trading users should understand that they are responsible for knowing their local laws regarding sports betting.

The ultimate aim for us at Color Trading is to entertain and inform when it comes to sports news and betting. We hope that our users find that our site provides them with everything they need to enjoy the sports they love. Our users should realise, however, that our pages may sometimes contain paid advertisements and sponsored posts. Sometimes the links included in these articles may also earn us a commission.

Color Trading would like to assure readers that these posts won’t incur any cost to them – and will never influence our writing or content. The information we share will always be the expert opinion of our writers.

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